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MSPI Final Thesis Presentations day1

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Join us as we explore sustainability, product-service systems and innovation through 5 great master´s thesis projects! For more information, contact MSPI coordinator Tony Thompson ( or MSPI director Tobias Larsson (
Agent-based Modeling and Innovation Team Dynamics
Farnaz Motamediyan

Product development start from Crowd sourcing --
Xuefeng Bai (Snovo)

Crowdsourcing: Using Open Modes of Collaboration for Product-Service System Innovation
Abbas (Behrad) Mirafshar

Exploring Opportunities for Sustainability: Value-Driven Need-finding for Early Product-Service System (PSS) Development
Yan Zhang, Xi Chen (Cecilia)

Resource Consumption of Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Nanond Nopparat, Babak Kianian

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